Projects, Activities, Roles and References

Direct available for 2 days per week - contract based or direct employment possible.

Emobility Consulting is active in the following domains:

  • Product management: Chargepoint Management System design, setup & marketing / Pay as you go setup for charging stations to support charging everywhere with normal bank cards
  • Functional and technical support: Support government with functional and technical issues regarding e-buses / Support Open Charge Point Protocol development team / Functional and technical support for European Emobility Network (European Clearing House) and roaming
  • Business Development & Marketing: Open Charge Alliance, European Emobility Network, CP management systems
  • EV management system advice: advice regarding best usable management system
  • Project management: project management emobility projects (EV's, Buses, Trucks)
  • Market research: research to market potential of EV developments/programms
  • Independent advice regarding: best EV management systems, Charge points, Interoperability systems
  • Due dilligence support for investors in EV charge infra market

Focus areas:

  • Between technology and management - translating end-user needs in technical solutions and ensuring that the technical solutions fit to the user needs.
  • Product management
  • Business Development