For all your Electric Mobility Challenges

E-Mobility Consulting

Available for (international) contract work: Bus. Dev. / Project and Program man. / Consultancy

Located in France and The Netherlands

EV infrastructure in NL in international context.

There is a lot going on in the world of electric mobility. A lot of money is involved and a lot of companies are doing great things in the EV market. It is not only about vehicles or just public slow charging. It is about AC, DC, slow, fast, wireless, cars, trucks, buses, open protocols and open interfaces, EV Service Equipment (charge stations), EV Infra management systems, etc.

It is all about making the right choices.

E-Mobility Consulting is a consultancy company focused on all aspects of EV charging infrastructure. Michel Bayings started already in 2008 before the first Electric Vehicles drove in The Netherlands, with contribution to the definition and roll out of the first charging networks. In 2010 this became the first nation wide covering charging network in the world! Michel gave advice to many governments and organizations in the world on how to improve the charge infra systems and how to enable (cross country) interoperability. With CGI (former Logica) and Michel won several awards like ICT Innovation awards and the Computer world awards. Michel is Director of the EVRomaming Foundation and manager of eViolin the European EV charge infra branch organisation.

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